Getting lost is not always a bad thing: Let’s talk about Photography


Photography is something close to my heart, next to good design. I’ve been searching all over on the internet and reading books based on photography. The one thing that inspires me the most, next to good artwork, is the artist. Their process, the way they view the world, what makes them passionate and how they stay humble. Their drive enables my drive.

I recently brought myself a Canon AE-1 Program film camera and I’m currently addicted to taking photographs. I’ve been through photos sites such as Flickr, Tumblr, Instagram, and aspiring photographer’s websites (Natalie Chyi has been one of my favorites). I’ve been finding myself attracted to portrait photography lately. Why? Because I love capturing moments and people’s personalities. Seeing a beautiful side of someone. Whether they are happy or in a state of not feeling them self. 


I’ve been taking photography as a practice. Not only to take a break from design, but to study the art of composition and light through photography. I’ve been thinking how I’ll be able to associate photography into my design skills. Photography also deals with storytelling, color, shapes, composition, and negative space which can be filled with type.


In conclusion, where do I find myself in photography when I graduated with a bachelor’s in graphic design? Well, simply it broadens my skill set as well as open more opportunities for jobs in photography or design. What I learned through photography: is having a story, with no story there is no purpose. The struggle I had in the past was designing with no purpose, making whatever looks cool with no reason behind it. I have more understanding of the use of composition, lighting, negative space, and story telling. I will associate this skill set into my future designs.


My brain may have many tabs open, but that leaves me open-minded to create new art and experiment with different styles until I find something I’m comfortable with. After-graduation has been a struggle finding a job in the field, but I will always remind myself that getting lost is not always a bad thing. I’m still searching and I have so much yet to discover in the meantime.

Keep updated on my photography here.

Getting lost is not always a bad thing: Let’s talk about Photography

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