Portfolio Progress Continued

I’ve learned a lot during finals week, reviewing work at the portfolio show, and reviewers providing helpful information to keep in mind. Here is what they mentioned to fix.

Nikon Cameras – redo the hand lettering, sketch out more and make cleaner, different quotes on other pages, and don’t need descriptions.


Deer Springs – box design, advertisements, and expand.


Porter Robinson Worlds – fix white text on liner notes.


Smokeshack – tagline, watch margins, consistent fonts, paper too white, t-shirts, coasters, and expand.


iCocoa – fix pixelation, box design, and expand.


Reading Terminal Market – aprons, photography, tagline, and expand.


Game Stop – make interactive game within website and app, and provide rewards.


Art of Glitch – expand.


Type Book! -NEW self-initiated phone app.


With the help of reviewers, I’m able to understand from their viewpoint on having a successful portfolio. I understand a portfolio is never perfect, but I will try my best to get it close to it. Revisions will continue.

Portfolio Progress Continued

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