Final Journal

PUSH10 Studios

Push10 studios is located outside of Philadelphia. They established award winning branding campaigns and excellent client services. Specialize in all forms of print and interactive media.  Every project comes first and foremost to meet goals and clients expecations. This group consists of 8 members.


Hanlon Creative Studios is located at East Norriton, Pennsylvania.  They are a custom brand builder.  Messaging craftsman who use smart strategy and deliver creatively.  They are passionate and hungry to exceed expectations, influence, and inspire their clients.  The company consists of 7 members of different design and business majors.  They don’t think outside of the box, they live there.


the “DM” stands for dynamic media. Launch Dynamic Media is also known as “a call to action.” They began in San Franscisco in 1997 and orginated into LaunchDM now today.  They work with graphic design, websites, flash, programming, etc. They work to exceed client expectations and to evolve.  They do killer work for small businesses with big plans. The company consists of 6 members including an AIPH graduate.
I chose these specific websites because these websites influence and persuade me to work harder to get at their level or possibly beyond.  Their work is professional, creative, and very eye-catching. I hope to work for companies like these one day and to pursue my dream job as creative director.
Final Journal

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