Journal Entry # 6

Zlaty Bazant: World Class Slovak Christmas

Zlaty Bazant: Slovak Christmas

In this image, they advertised Slovak beer by adding a Christmas theme.  The foam from the beer is snow and a wooden house lives at the center.  This shows the product as relaxing, refreshing and calm. Consumers love Christmas, so why not buy World- Class Slovak Beer?


Mattel: Dinosaur

Mattel: Dinosaur

This is a very creative advertisement.  The left side, the toy creators make toys for little children viewed in our adult eyes. The right side, the child imagines the toy with more imagination and fantasy. Mattel tells the consumers the kids picture it even better in their minds, so why not get it?


Lamborghini Aventador: The Truth Hurts, Delirium

Lamborghini Aventador: The truth hurts, Delirium

This advertisement is forecasting the ultimate destiny to the world from the Lamborghini vehicle.  The man’s mind is blown from the excitement and emotion.  The advertisement manipulates the viewer by telling them the new Lamborghini will blow their minds by how fast it can go.

Journal Entry # 6

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