Journal Entry #4




For his project, Mohawk via Promotions, I was quite impressed the work he has given to his clients of Mohawk’s Fine Paper.  When working on projects, they make sure it looks good, paper prints beautifully, typography, and speak to the audience.  They made this project to make the pages more like textbooks than promotions.

Hyperakt Design Group

From seeing their art, I was quite convinced. Their art was different from most art, I like it.  The Hyperakt Design Group don’t believe making a design is just about making something pretty. They are committed to using a design as a tool to create meaningful, engaging work that improves communication, clarifies meaning, and captures heart and mind. They hope to add  a little vector of good into the world with every project.  “Whether a client is non-profit for profit doesn’t dictate it potential to make significant contributions that are beneficial to society,” says Peraza (member)




Journal Entry #4

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