Journal Entry # 3: In-dept analysis

Image #1:

The most important symbolism I see in this design are the images and stories they tell through the text.  This design is based on famous Gandhi’s sayings and fundamentals.  He keeps most of the important words such as “change” and other important words capitalized to show their importance.  The designer always gives the quotes good space and lining. You would know when a new quote is coming in without getting mixed up because the change of font.  Every font and text is different so it  keeps the audience attached.  The design is very influential and helps the world to show we still have hope.


Image #2:

This design I found is very unique and the design of the shapes automatically my attention.  The designer really thought out the process of creating his font.  He used geometry to balance the low contrasts and low contrasts making the letters have more rhythm.  They used a lot of shapes and lines to make a simple yet interesting design.   The design has great composition and character, although the text could be more legible.


Journal Entry # 3: In-dept analysis

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