Journal Entry #2

Book: Becoming a Graphic Designer

Architecture and Design
Wayne Hunt: Principle, Hunt Design Associates, Pasadena, CA

Wayne is an environmental designer. He loves architecture and graphic design so he found his love for environmental design. Wayne’s best way of finding clients is for the clients to search for him. Making his work be spread and known. He does not have a personal style and doesn’t believe graphic designers should. He enjoys presenting, selling, promoting, persuading, and bring good work to his clients. He also enjoys broad overviews, strategy, and organizing complex situations. He does not enjoy the non-creative parts of graphic design such as paperwork, insurance, legal issues, record-keeping, etc. He doesn’t enjoy firing people wither so he hires carefully.

This man has impressed me with his work I see in the pictures of the article. I’m curious on how long and what materials he used for his projects. His work is very professional. I wouldn’t want to be an environmental graphic designer because I’m not very good with math or architecture. I would give it a shot though of course.

Journal Entry #2

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