Journal #1

Right side of the Brain:

This is a creative poster of the Joker from the Batman series.  The  bubble text has changed its form to layout the face of the evil joker. The typography is brilliant and quotes the Joker of ” Why so serious?” and his evil laughter. The poster shows emotion and significance of Batman characters.


This animated character in this poster is Samus from the video game Metroid. This graphic is marvelous and creative with the characteristics of Samus. It shows the beauty and the dramatic cinematic of the armor of Samus peeling off.  The image has flow and an artistic background.

Left side of the brain:

This is a simple, but creative, graphic poster.  This poster advertises the song ” Stop! in the name of love” by the Supremes.  The poster symbolizes a traffic light with a heart where the red light is suppose to be, signifying the text ” Stop! in the name of love.”


This poster is also simple, but shows creative thinking. The bird in the image is from the famous game app ” Angry Birds.” The game includes abnormal sized birds that are thrown at obstacles to achieve points. This image shows the angry bird in front of an anger management and counseling door. The bird can finally receive some help with its anger issues against its enemy objects.

Journal #1

One thought on “Journal #1

  1. Great first posting. I do agree about the first two designs as right brain results. I wonder if simplicity is as creative or sometimes more creative than chaos. Its easy to be creative no limits- however its very challenging to do more with less.

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